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Scottsdale, United States
Startup stage
Marketing, Technical, Sales, Product Management, Management, Finance
First off, I'm an entrepreneur and am always open to great business opportunity. So if you feel I may be a fit for your own business idea, hit me with it and lets chat. Now, my startup. I'm a former baseball player who has dove headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship. After my first 8 months of running my own sports marketing company I was honored as a Thirty Under 30 in the Sports Industry twice, in 2012 and 2013. I have recently brought my marketing company to a halt however because I am so passionate about this new company I am starting. It is self fulfilling and has extreme potential to be a very big success, not just for myself but also for the end goal of helping change the world in a positive manner. I'm looking for somebody to share a passion for charity and sports that is VERY GOOD at web design and graphic design. If they kick butt in film and photography too then wow I've struck gold. The product we sell is off field apparel for elite athletes and the business structure is similar to's but with some key twists to differentiate ourselves greatly from sevenly. Currently I'm a web designeer and graphics person away from launching this thing fully. Our soft launch brought in $7k in sales in 10 days with $0 in marketing money spent. Also looking for fashion designers and those with a deep background in the fashion and textile industry. Please contact me to learn more :) I promise you you won't regret it!

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