Kyle Michelson

Los Angeles, California, US

Kyle's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kyle

Founder of Instameet. Previously attended USC and the London School of Economics and interned several years in the US Congress including for now-Vice President Biden as well as at Citibank and The One Group.

Passion for constant learning, an analytic approach to continuous improvement, rapid iteration, and near-obsessive attention to detail. Primary areas of interest include ideation, strategy, behavioral psychology, and a genuine "less is more" approach to UI/UX design.

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Looking to hire or partner with an initial developer to code Instameet. The plan is to create a lean, minimum viable product with which we can test the initial hypothesis for the company and with which we can learn and adjust until the right product-market fit is found. The company itself is already funded, but there's several prominent investors who've expressed interest in coming in at the stage that the MVP is created. In terms of what I'm looking for in a developer, the most important aspects are that you're entrepreneurial, hardworking, and easily conversant. Knowing the right technical stacks or having the most prestigious educational or professional background is less important so long as you're a quick learner.