Kyle Smego

Programming, Technical

Baltimore, Maryland, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Kyle

I'm an Army veteran with 15+ years of experience in software and web development (front end, back end, database). My development interests include sports (especially baseball), data visualization, mapping, and much more. I love AngularJS, jQuery, MySQL, D3.js, PHP, and other open source software. I'm looking for a like-minded, well-rounded developer to bounce ideas off of, prototype, and get something off the ground....and someone who loves to program and put the work in.

I have several ideas, but I need more than a one man show to get one off the ground


University of Maryland University College

Computer Science

2011 - 2011

West Virginia University

Software Engineering

2015 - 2015

West Virginia University

Political Science

2000 - 2000