Kyle Sutter

Cleveland, Ohio, US

Kyle's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kyle

I am one of two Co-Founders of Tallyo, a mobile application designed to help people make decisions. We realized that people and companies really struggle when it comes to making decisions and we want to create a new type of social solution that enables them to get help. Our company raised $600K in a seed round and is 3 weeks away from a Version 1.0 product. We have strong advisors with both business and technical backgrounds that have a rich network to tap into. Between my business partner and I, we have covered the business strategy element as well as the majority of the design element. We are looking for a technical presence to complete the team.

We have tremendous financial and advisory support, but need that technical member of the team to not only be versatile, efficient and effective from the technical side of things, but also manage the technical team and act as a true Co-Founder.