Kyran O'Neill

London, Canada

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Business Development
Product Management

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I'm Kyran, Co-Founder of

What is For less than £1 a day combat athletes from sports such as Boxing, MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Kickboxing (the list goes on) can get access to Nutrition plans, sports nutrition eLearning, weight tracking and exclusive blog posts on how to MakeWeight for fights. Fighters really struggle to MakeWeight for fights simply due to not having the knowledge (there has been a lack on investment in this area) or the funds for a top sports nutritionist (very expensive). Currently we are the only web app in this niche area. The current web app is built on Ruby on Rails and is live on the website and on the Google Play store.

A little about me, I am:

-A graduate of the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy holding qualifications in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
-Generated over 400k GBP in the eLearning/educational technology sector aged just 18
-Currently on the Senior England National Boxing team at 56kg
-I have been in the amateur boxing scene for the past 8 years which means I know how fighters operate, a strong network and very good market knowledge.

My Co-Founder is Luke Nevill, a sports nutritionist, sports therapist, personal coach and digital marketer.

We are currently looking for a partner to join the business to develop our web app and/or build a native app on IOS and Google Play stores. We are aiming to build a solid brand in the Combat Sports area using the nutrition app as the entry to market.