L. w. Constance Kang

Kings County, New York, US

L. w. Constance's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About L. w. Constance

I am a creative entrepreneur who cares not only creating a profiting startup, but also creating positive impact to the society and the world. Overall, I am a experienced marketer (especially in eCommerce). Visit my LinkedIn for detail (http://www.linkedin.com/in/constancekang/) In the past, I have funded few successful startups, but they are all "minors" (in my definition). I have big ideas, and I dream big. I am looking for someone who truly know their stuff and develop a KILLER team, and lets get funded...let's start something BIG! I currently have two project ideas: one is digital music market and another one is lifestyle, health. As usual, my ideas are always unique, I am looking for programmer to convert the idea into prototype and then go for VC/startup accelerated programs(ex. techstars).

However, I am also open to join other startup teams. As I said, if you already had a great kickstart and need a killer marketer or UX, contact me lwconstancekang@gmail.com