Labhesh Patel

San Francisco, California, US

Chief Data Scientist at Abzooba Inc.
Labhesh's Skills
Product Management

About Labhesh

I co-founded CellKnight- a wireless expense management company- couple years ago. At CellKnight, we developed a proprietary solution that looks at the past mobile usage of enterprise users and pairs them up with optimal cellular plans.
We currently have six enterprise customers. Due to the changing landscape and commoditization of cellular services, we are no longer actively seeking new customers.
Before CellKnight, I was at Cisco systems working with their Voice Technology Group and shipped various product lines end to end.
I love innovation and have around 175 patents (issued + pending).

At present, I am the VP of Engineering at Spotsetter is revolutionizing the way people get social recommendations. Even though we haven't publicly launched our app yet, Spotsetter's last round was oversubscribed.

Work Experience

Chief Data Scientist

Abzooba Inc.

January 2014 - December 2016