Ladesha Jennings

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Ladesha's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ladesha

I am the Founder and CEO of Pyro Art Solutions(, located in Philadelphia PA. For the past 3 years I have worked day in and day out to build this company, starting with a $2,000 refund check from college. This venture soon proved to be the culmination of all the skills acquired throughout my lifetime, my passions, my concerns, and my innate abilities, that just so happened to offer a solution that will impact the way companies around the world effectively reach their target audience. From day one, I completely funded this company with little to no resources. In this short time, I have developed a start up organization that has tested, innovated, and worked alongside, most of the major players in my city producing in our field. As a company, we have made the impossible tangible, and have repeatedly produced enthusiastically satisfied customers while searching for a scalable business model simultaneously. Now, we are a unique team of 15 extremely bright and motivated creative professionals ready to take our product to official launch in February.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, if you count from the day I decided to create a proposal and submit it to my 3rd grade teacher to start a Dance Team at my elementary school. After my proposal landed me a meeting with the school principle who later accepted my terms and allowed me to start the first student run dance team in our schools history, my fate was sealed. I tell that story to let you know, this is who I am. Every part of me, from the way I think, sleep (or don't), view the world, and communicate with people was wired to be a leader of something greater than myself.

I have diverse work experience in many industries and have worked the majority of my adult life in customer service, management, program and business development as well as entertainment management. I am also a Computer Instructor for Senior Citizens.

My ideal advisor, or even co-founder would be able to take on the mission of Pyro as their own, possess patience, excellent and natural people skills as well as an understanding of the concert, and events industry or at least how it relates to customer engagement.