Travis Richard , Founder

Business Developer

Lafayette, Louisiana, US

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Business stage

Idea phase

Business plan mapped out

Minimum viable product built

Paying customers

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Product Strategy

Relevant industries

Food and Beverage


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Travis

I'm the founder and sole owner of three successful companies. The first is a whole foods processing company I started in 1996. The second a seafood production and wholesale company in 2006. And lastly a Boiled Seafood Drive-in I opened in March of 2013. These companies have given me invaluable experience and insight into all three areas of the food industry. (Production, Wholesale and Retail)

I am looking for a co-founder to assist me in the development of an online resource center to capitalize on the needs of west coast clients that are unable to find particular food products. I have identified an immediate and rapidly expanding market for such a service. I need someone that can design an online platform, program it, build it and update it when needed. As well as tech support.

Managing People
Product Management