Lakedrick Mosley

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Founder of MOS WIRELESS(Startup) worked for multiple ISP/broadband/network/cell tower companies
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About Lakedrick

Over the past 2 decades I've worked for multiple ISP/broadband/network companies installing copper, wireless, fiber optics aerial/buried (in the field/FTTH/GPON), and satellites television companies. I began my career at 18 years old employed directly for Nortel Networks building cell towers in the West Coast after graduating high school in Mississippi in 2000. I was giving an American Express corporate card, training, tools, and a education for a bright future. Using those skills it allowed me to worked in infrastructure, customer service, tech support, and build private servers for companies such like Vonage as a contractor. I'm currently in the start up and research stage; developing a website, looking into business license, registering with the right authorities for FCC (MSISDN,IMSI BLOCKS) , researching outsource billing (customer care) interviewing lawyers and other software needs to serve my customers before getting started. Currently 38 years old, I've created a great niche that will bridge the gap in a market that is very marketable and available for the MVNO service I can provide. Im a technical professional with years of excellent work history in the telecommunications, installation, delivery, and customer service industry. Ability to convey complex technical concepts, into understandable languages for the non-technical. In-depth experience in project management, team leader, computer skills, excellent problem resolution skills, hands-on-training of staff on policies and operations; snd direct sales. Direct customer services skills, supervisor for a small telemarketing call center, also phone experience for tech support and help desk. Installation and maintenance of, low- voltage coax termination, fiber optic splicing, Cat6/5e terminations, data cable runs, telephone installation, Fiber Cross Connect Panels 6 and 12 module type, 48 Port Patch Panel with RJ45 to RJ22 connections, terminating RJ45 and RJ11 Jacks, Biscuits Jacks, IP configurations, install inner wireless system and Cisco access points for commercial buildings, conventions, and hospitals. Installs Closets/Patch Panels, Pulling/Installing cable, conduit experience, commercial and residential installation of TV Service, Data Cable, Cell Phone antennas installation, and internet and coax installations. Also a JLG certified lift operator, and performs at a high level under pressure. A professional technician, with the ability to multi-task and makes decisions to move projects to completion. Excellent communication skills with a consistent record of superior customer service.


“Show me the heroes that the youth of your country look up to, and I will tell you the future of your country.” - Idowu Koyenikan

Work Experience



June 2013 - Today

Responsible for the installation & repair of Fiber to the Home FTTP, FTTH, POTS, HSI and PRISM video products and associated equipment.Responsibilities involve work associated with both outside plant facilities and inside of customer homes running wire, installing equipment, driving and maintaining company van, cell phone usage, company laptop and referral or up selling of additional products. Work alone independently and possess problem solving, organization and time management skills.


Nortel Networks

January 2000 - January 2001

during my time at Nortel Networks Implemented, programmed and installed cell sites in two major cities, San Diego and Las Vegas. Performed quality testing and trouble shooting at cell sites. Trained additional field technicians, gain many Nortel certs doing the time of employment. Work with and install coax for cell antennas, test RF, and insured site was up and running during the first stage

Lead Technician

Smart City Networks

March 2007 - April 2010

During my years at the Las Vegas Convention Center, as a Lead Install Technician for shows including CES, NAB, CTIA and SEMA. Oversee and coordinate installation projects. On-site supervision and assistance with all aspects of the projects. Pre-planning to ensure projects are engineered correctly and follow-up to ensure equipment is ordered correctly, available, delivered and install on time. Also, service convention center employee’s offices and staff including Metro Police with telephone or internet issue. The main responsibilities included conduct site surveys, and prepare proposals as necessary. On-site up-selling. Communicating and preparing change orders. Kept current on new technology and trends in the industry. Make equipment recommendations to sales, purchasing staff and clientele. Perform other duties as assigned. Receive trouble tickets during convention shows and repaired issues and they occur. Install Cisco AP’s, Cameras, Cisco switches, Troubleshoots/repairs both wired and wireless networks for the convention center. Assists with user level network settings on PC and Mac to help set up IP’s using command prompts. Install, replace, and trouble shoot; hubs, routers, and modems. Terminated fiber, coax, and Cat-5/6, cabling up to 100 pair. Recognizes equipment in need of repair, adjustment, or replacement. Lead during customer meet and greets, reviewed installation contracts and negotiated additional services. Lead team in performing installation and maintenance.


College of Southern Nevada

Business Mgmt

2010 - 2012