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Lala Torop

Marketer, Business Developer, Financial Expert

Dublin, , Ireland


Age Group


About Lala

I provide value in a number of areas including, digital branding, cross-channel marketing strategies, innovation, campaigns, business plans, social media, customer experience, leading cross-functional teams, and establishing partnerships.

I deliver high quality output and take pride in my work. I have a reputation for being focused, efficient and delivering above the requirements.
Areas of Expertise:
- Digital brand strategy
- Marketing Strategy & implementation
- Campaign concepts and creative development
- Digital marketing, online sales and social media
- e-commerce
- Market Research & survey development
- Presentation creation
- Innovation, concepts and development
- Project management

I have also run successful Google Adwords campaigns and can create and run a campaign for you that will receive amazing results including designing ad copy that will result in conversions! In plain language that means your ads will receive clicks that result in a new client, customer or lead.

Want to tap into the digital world and find out what the internet can do for your business? Invite me to interview!