Lamont Clay

Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

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Research Analysis
Business Strategy
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First time founder

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About Lamont

I have a business called Make My Manga. We basically take light novels and turn them into graphic novels. Recently I've had problems with my artist. So, I want to develop an AI capable of drawing comics. I was looking at Google Quick Draw and I'd like to create something similar for comic strips. There are also programs like ComiPo which allow users to cut and paste 3d illustrations together. If creating an AI is not possible then I'd like to make a more refined version of ComiPo.

We just finished our first manga and we're going to market in the next two months.
We plan on branching out and setting up booths at various comic cons.

I have flyers if you'd like an example of what we do. Were looking for co-founders who are skilled in artificial intelligence development, skilled at wholesaling at conventions, or has experience marking a niche product.

I have flyers if you'd like an example of what we do.


Northern Illinois University

Political Science

2010 - 2014

Thomas Cooley Law School

Law Degree

2018 - 2020