Lance Sanderson

Chicago, Illinois, US

Cofounder & CEO of Digital Springboard
Lance's Skills
Product Management

About Lance

Hello, I'm a founder based in Chicago with a passion for the event entertainment industry. Our company, Digital Springboard has been a work in progress for the last two years. In September, we pivoted to a product with a clear market fit. Now, we have the first version of that product being booked and version two on the way. We are a team of two people (myself and a technical cofounder) with a number of incredible mentors and advisors.

We're definitely at a somewhat late stage to bring on a cofounder, but I realized I'm juggling too many buckets. We need someone with strong experience in sales/business development who can drive that train forward. Partnership development is a plus.

Our main line of business is a 15 camera rig that we book out to large events. It creates freeze frame images. Think of the freeze frame scene from the Matrix or the kind of tech you see on red carpets at the Oscars and the Grammys. We're bringing it to events of all types. Our main competitor which has a smaller 8 camera rig and is double our price in NYC did $25Million in sales last year. There's where we want to be. You can learn more about our main product at

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