Landice Gao


Palo Alto, California, US

CEO / Co-founder at
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Product Management
Sales & Marketing
Public Speaking
Web Scraping

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About Landice

Hi! I'm looking for Cofounder and teammates for my startup -

Company & Product
Nettrons is a natural language search engine for the world's business network. Instead of hours of Linkedin browsing, you can simply say "Give me VP Sales who's led a drone company from series A to exits", and get a list of candidates with notes of how they fit your criteria and how to contact them.

Under the hood, we scrape the web to merge publicly available information on people and companies, build that into a knowledge graph to run our queries, and add NLP interpreters to understand high-level English input and generate English explanations for the output.

The goal is to turn people search everywhere into a relaxed conversation with a chatbot. First in our platform as a SaaS product for recruiters, later expanding to CRM/ATS/TRM/membership directories as tiered API plans.

We've released a beta product and currently in early beta testings with a few customers.

About me
I was studying CS/Econ at Cornell when I started my first startup Navo, which did indoor GPS using wifi fingerprinting. In that role, I built the team (6 students, 3 became full-time), did PM/fundraising/legal, and signed up the biggest mall in new york (destinyUSA).

Later, the co-founder who was the technology inventor couldn't convert to full-time because of H1B visa, so we called it quit.

Fast forward two years, I started Nettrons, spent 6 months in cavemen developer mode, built the MVP and signed up a few beta customers. Now am excited to getting more teammates and a technical Co-founder, who will gradually take over the product side and work closely with me to iterate based on customer feedback.

Work Experience

CEO & Co-founder

Nettrons, Inc.

March 2017 - Today

CEO & Co-founder

Navo, Inc.

March 2015 - December 2016


Cornell University

Bachelor's, Computer Science

2013 - 2016