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Washington, District of Columbia, US


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About Langston

I am Langston Richardson. I'm an executive with over 25 years of experience working on the agency side, In-house and with start-ups funded by the leading venture capital firms. Through branding, business alignment, customer experience planning, I've help companies achieve its goals.

With recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, I saw an opportunity to take my Product Design and Brand Marketing background to solve a key challenge that AI itself is driving: the total transformation of work.

Coming out the conceptual models with with several of my past colleagues/current advisors in various fields of brand marketing, psychology, operations and technology, LifeJoin was started in June 2015 (much life a spark potential of life with conception.) Over the next year, as those concepts were further refined, tested and slowly made into prototypes, we further refined/debated ideas.

The process, at first, grind on meticulously slow as we were creating this between full time jobs. Through out 2016, tremendous progress was made as more of critical pieces came together into high fidelity as we put more of our free time into developing the product, its features, its technology stack, market opportunities, marketing strategy, customer acquisition plan.

– 80% Complete of MVP of 2 jobseeker products for desktop (only the backend logic needs to be implemented)
– 50% Complete of MVP of 2 jobseeker products for iOS (once desktop launches, mobile focus)
– 20% Complete of MVP of 2 jobseeker products for Android (shorty after iOS Launch)

– Start Product Design/Development of Human Capital Solutions Platform (including research, UX, prototyping, marketing strategy)

– Launch Human Capital Solutions Platform (projected)

I'm looking for a bit of help on software architecture. As with any business, we have a price point we feel is tolerable for the market and want help from an advisor and/or potential partner to help us model out the best mix of AI solutions for our needs today and into the future.

— Global artificial intelligence equity funding: $6 Billion across 1,098 deals (via CB Insights)
— Deals are increasing fast
– Majority of deals go to early-stage AI startups (where we are today)
– However, middle-stage AI startups received the most funding (where we will build our business to become in 3-5 years)


Founder of Startup for Jobseeking Tools + AI

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June 2015 - January 0

A startup focusing on providing technology tools that assists jobseekers and hiring managers create meaningful introductions and lasting connections. Our coming platform will help jobseekers tap into their career skills, professional expertise and unique personal value and align with companies searching for those unique qualities. Over the next 5 years, we have products to address a dire market need to help organizations find, nurture and develop a culture of talent. By addressing the problem from both the jobseeker angle as well as the employers angle, our platform provides a complete solution.


University of Maryland College Park

Bachelor of Arts

1986 - 1990

Rochester Institute of Technology


1984 - 1986