Lanny Henson

Rome, Georgia, US

Lanny's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Lanny

Dear Cofounders
Have seeds, looking for green thumbs.
I have several good business ideas, and business plans.
I am Interested in understand the skills, capabilities, and the potential of my fellow cofounders, for the purpose of matching my business plans with the right people.

I have a long history of successfully performing contracts (over 1000), for industry in the field of designing, fabricating and installing mechanical systems, mostly for the same customers.
Having customers as critics has made me be, intellectually honest, be skeptical, and think critically. I am not a fool !!!
I have been to the school of actual experience, for what things mechanical, will and will not work.
I have also created, developed and prototyped many designs and products for myself and for others.

I have ideas, designs, products, business ideas, and business plans for:
Outdoor living, inside the home, designs for pets, biomass fired appliances, catering, prep, survival, off grid living, off grid cooking, and products for flea market and street venders, and products for advertisement and fencing systems.

I am launching two products soon, so after you see my designs, you should be able to form an opinion about my potential.