Larry Fisher

Coos Bay, Oregon, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Larry

7BillionDaily™ builds extraordinary organizations for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses. 7BillionDaily maximizes competitive advantages for business subscribers.
7BillionDaily (7BD) is envisioned to be a global and industry game changer!

Hello, my name is Larry Fisher. I am the founder of Hub of WebMobile, Inc. an Oregon company that is developing SaaS and PaaS products named as “7BillionDaily”. I have spent most of my career as founder/senior management of B2B/B2C in technology, manufacturing, creating startups from scratch, product development, marketing and sales, SBDC consulting 500 small businesses that ranged in size from startups to companies with 80 employees.

We bootstrap a four-office suite in Coos Bay, Oregon; coupled with website development, professional services including patent attorney, office equipment, operating expenses, and all with very little debt. Our Patent work is current.

I have not written code, but have managed multi-disciplinary teams in engineering, R&D, support services, and operations. Currently, 7BD is the 5th startup (B2B, B2C, SaaS, stacked platforms), with my “as needed” support of skilled partners.

Our current team consists of four very talented and dedicated individuals, 3 of whom are part-time and while on different full-time career paths; while the founder has always been full-time. Our skills are very diverse: business, marketing, sales, writing, inventing, patent filings, electrical engineering, product design, and mechanical engineering.

In the design and development of 7BillionDaily (7BD), we have accomplished the following: product design models & drawings, our business entity as the Hub of Web/Mobile, Inc., which owns 7BD. This SaaS/PaaS is designed for B2B and B2C, and other SMB subscribers (Small Midsized Business).

Our team is ready to expand products/platforms to take our business to the next level. Our fundamentals are in place. We are ready to advance with the right new team members for Tech and Financing.

Having generally designed the product platforms, we desire additional team players to participate in the beta and soft launch. We are disciplined, seasoned startup managers, proceeding with a thoughtful approach. Our experience tells us we have something special that has the potential to be a big win for everyone involved. What our current team lacks is software design and related engineering skills; and a carefully thought through process regarding financing participants.

7BillionDaily is a business innovation unique enough to set us well aside of other ventures, while at the same time, providing a host of advantages to businesses and to their customers and consumers. With our understanding of the industry, coupled with the reader’s personal talents, drive, design and engineering skills, we will secure and profitably monetize this market.

We will be selecting those who also see 7BD as a long steady ride to the top! I am looking for someone equally motivated, who is also looking to enjoy turning this business into a huge success. If this sounds like the challenge you have been waiting for, please reach out to us.

I like offshore sailing. 3 years at Cal State Northridge.
Thank you,