Larry LaMotte

Seattle, Washington, US

Formally trained as an architect; inalterably, inexcusably an entrepreneur.
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About Larry

My background is in Architecture and Construction. My startup experience began in 1990 with Naos Redevelopment, giving old houses and other buildings new life in targeted areas of Seattle. This was followed by ventures in Facilities Management, Consulting, Quality Assurance, Ecommerce and membership sites, Auctions, Networking, and now, an online marketplace.


I am the Architect of my life. Each and every day, the decisions I make and the actions I take are synthesizing, designing, and building life with the best of all that God has given me. It is an enormous privilege and a daunting challenge, but one that I accept and enjoy. I vow to do the best that I can to create a life of which both He and I can be proud. - Lawrence LaMotte


University of Oregon

Bachelor of Architecture

1981 - 1987