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Larry MacDonald

Business Developer, Marketer

Santa Rosa, California, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Larry

I use a proprietary method for developing new products and services. It selects need-based opportunities that demonstrate intense existing demand and will meet stated financial expectations. I don't do ideas, because ideas lead to failure unless the market is large enough and the existing demand is intense enough to provoke sales.

My market research and opportunity identification tool can identify and develop breakthrough opportunities for companies or individuals seeking new products. I can develop a product or service for YOU to build a company around based on your area of expertise, which will reduce your risk substantially.

I work on a combination of fee, royalty, or an equity basis with those who want to create companies.

One of my current project is KidsTeachingKids. This is a disruptive educational innovation. The long-range objective is to provide a platform offering kid-produced video tutorials explaining how to do every type of problem in every textbook, as well as provide information on social issues relevant to kids. Think of it as a Khan Academy produced by kids for kids.

For general information on the process we use, please see the article at

We currently have projects available for partnering in the following categories: health, government, business training, education, and consumer products.

Collaborative, creative, marketing-oriented, experienced in a wide-range of topics and businesses. Worked with startups all my life. Bay Area native, living in Santa Rosa.