Larry Strassner

Austin, Texas, US

Start-up specialist. Creating empires from nothing and no resources. Open minded, sales, ops, gov't

Startup Experience Founded 1 startup


1 part helping, 1 part business (real), 1 part science, 1 part friendship, 1 part fun, 1 part belief - Universal creed

Larry is looking for a CoFounder who

Can commit to working 20 hours per week

Is able to invest Sweat equity only

Has these skills

Building Strong Relationships
Account Management


University of TexasMS

1982 - 1984

University of TexasBA

1978 - 1982

UCLAPM Certificate

1985 - 1985


CNI, MCNE, MCSE, CTT, etc...Microsoft, Novell, and tech stuff like that