Larry Swanson

Seattle, Washington, US

Office fitness evangelist, content strategist, and publisher.
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Content Strategy
Product Management

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First time founder

About Larry

I have been developing expertise in an area I call "office fitness" - how to keep your desk job from killing or maiming you - for the past five years. I'm working on a book and have a website up at The biggest problem with office work is its sedentary nature. There are plenty of gadgets (standing desks, treadmill desks, etc.) emerging to address this problem. These may indeed help, but many of these solutions are gimmicky, are based on dubious science, and/or are not economically feasible for many businesses. There are also problems with the repetitive and increasingly stressful nature of office work, and these, too, have been unevenly addressed by current products. I believe that pragmatic, less gimmicky, more broadly informed, science-backed ideas will endure better in the marketplace and do a better job of actually solving, or at least mitigating, the problems that office workers face. There are tons of opportunities in this area (on the scale of smoking-cessation or weight-loss programs). I am most interested in creating a multi-platform office-fitness app (or suite of apps), but I would also like to explore other digitally delivered information products, perhaps white-label-able SMB enterprise products, and I'm open to your ideas as well. I am a long-time health-care practitioner, a veteran of three dot-com start-ups, and an experienced product manager (P&L responsibility for college textbook lines and various online products) with tons of sales and marketing experience and well-developed writing and presentation skills. I regularly participate in and attend events like Startup Weekend, PubCon, BarCamp, WordCamp, etc., and am a member of the Impact Hub Seattle. I'm looking for a partner, an experienced, collaboratively minded tech lead who can take ownership of the development side of an office fitness info enterprise.


University of Oregon


1984 - 1984



Orthopedic Massage