Lars Miller

Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Lars's Skills
Business Development

About Lars

I am a young sales professional who has been working on a business plan for new mobile application business plan. I have a rough draft of the business plan that I am beginning to refine so I can take it to a few close contacts to get some initial investments in order to build out a prototype. My goal here is to find another cofounder - preferably a technical one who can help build out the prototype and make sure everything runs smoothly as we begin to scale. I am not necessarily looking for someone who will invest their own money but if you believe enough in me, the business, and our ability to work together than keeping everything in house between us would be ideal. My aspirations for the company are that we launch as soon as possible - ideally by November at the latest assuming we can build out the team and secure the right kind of funding. My ideal candidate is an iOS developer who is ambitious, energetic, and wants to help build something with great potential.