Lasse Hultén

London, United Kingdom


About Lasse

I'm extremely inspired by entrepreneurship and I would prefer working at a startup instead of large established corporations. I am motivated by responsibility and freedom to create. I love the innovative process, creating new things, and seeing things grow which means that I by nature enjoy working on small projects with a sky high ambition level.

I'm an extremely quick learner and I thrive in constantly changing environments and I would like to increase my capacity to work in such environments further.

The areas that I enjoy working with:

1. Marketing strategy: Coming up with creative ways to optimize the organization and executing the existing strategy. I have through my bachelor's degree focused on service management (managing and differentiating hotels, restaurants, cafes, online services, events etc.) which means that most of my marketing focus has been on service optimization and user experience all the way from business model innovation to the tiniest details.

2. Branding & Identity: Shaping what the customer thinks about the organization and create brands through video production, photography, graphic design, tone of voice through print and social media, and the customer's overall impression of the company. Does the customer's impression of us align with what we think about ourselves?

3. Community outreach: I am inspired by making a difference in the world and especially in our local community. What can we do to help out where we are located?

I will be in London for four months this Fall, and since my time in London will be limited to four months I concluded that I can make the biggest impact at a startup.


Copenhagen Business School

Service Management

2013 - 2013

Copenhagen Business School

Marketing & Entrepreneurship

2015 - 2015