Lasse Maerkedahl Larsen

Los Angeles, California, US

Lasse's Skills
Business Development

About Lasse

Hi, I'm looking to be part of a startup, it is my lifelong dream and I've been close a few times but yet not had the experience of growing and scaling a successful startup. My past attempt was a Private online sales Eco Conscious market, a few mobile apps and a Non Profit. I have a background in Design, and a self taught front end dev mainly, but have also worked in PHP, and a little node.js in Meteor. I have been in everything from a designer role, to managing teams in the various business ventures, but ideally I see myself as a co-founder on the marketing and analytics team. I've designed brands, and for Lux&Eco I even custom built a crm for our internal use. It is my fervent dream to be part of a successful venture by the time i'm 40.