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Since November 2011, I've been testing ideas in the beauty market. The "afro" "naturally curly" niche--specifically. I first created a continuing education program for licensed hair stylists with a co-founder. We worked on it a year and had a soft launch of classes. Although a good idea that a few folks responded positively to, time revealed a lot of flaws but primarily I figured out that the business model and target market (licensed professionals) were NOT the best fit for my entrepreneurial DNA.

So one NEVER TO STOP, I continued to explore this market (knowing it well because I AM my market and there is great opportunity to innovate and stand out) I've honed on two of my strengths--writing and creativity.

Writing: I'm gearing up an "audience building" marketing play to reenter the market --this time targeting consumers instead of professionals. I niched down further to target busy parents of kids with afro textured or naturally natural hair. ALL parents from non blacks who adopt kids with afro/curly hair to biracial to black parents to naturally curly white or jewish parents who kids have naturally curly hair.

I'm 3/4th of the way done with an e-book guide for parents and I'm setting up an Amazon Affiliate marketing store to sell products I blog about. This will be used to develop an audience.....which brings me to the creativity.

I NEED a product designer, marketer, and business developer for a HAIR TOOL I've come up with. The tool is an improvement to something already existing in the hair care market and is selling.

Although, the function I have in mind is only seen in pet hair care NOT human hair care. Based on my research of trends in this market and my BEING MY MARKET and know what afro /curly hair needs, I'm quite confident this could be a hit IF I can assemble the right team of folk and get a designer to help me go through a few iterations of a prototype.

I have the tool, in hand, that I want to improve upon, I just need someone skilled in design to help this come to life. I'm suspecting this would be super simple for that innovative mechanical type. I would NOT involve electricity, batteries.

Finally, I would need a proven marketing and business development person to help me execute (and improve upon) my marketing plan and assist me in getting out to sell it.

I need team members with BOSI DNA of Builders, Specialists, Innovators. (BS, SB, BI)
I am a OS.

I have the blue print..I just need additional brain power, eyes, arms, legs to refine this to make it great.

Whose interested?

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