Lauge Andersen

Copenhagen, Denmark

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About Lauge

I'm looking for a great developer, who is interested in a disruptive and ambitious idea. Preferably someone with skills/experience within the areas of: text and data mining, natural language processing, databases, crawling, indexing, aggregation etc.

My idea is an information platform. Tell me one thing, how come that within the area of social media, film and video streaming etc. you have some big global winners: Facebook, Spotify, Itunes, Netflix. But when you take the area of serious information (news) you don't have any clear winners?

It's because the killer app for that market is still missing, and I do indeed believe that my idea is that killer app. And just as the case with social media where Facebook is the clear winner, it's not the first mover that wins, (Facebook was far from being the first social network) It's the one that gets it right, and as a result scale and win. I think the killer app within the area of information/news aggregation is a site/app that focus 100% on displaying information that fits the individual users unique interests, and thereby only display 100% (or as close as possible to 100%) relevant information.

I've a couple of ideas, however the reason why I'm focused on this idea, is that a entrepreneur once said, "If you 're not working on your very best idea right now, you're doing it wrong" And this is indeed the most ambitious and the idea I'm the most passionate about.

I'll just mention 3 keys areas of what I find to be wrong with the current information/news aggregators.

1. Poor UI. The very poor and complex UI that many sites have mean that the user base will always be limited, because it's only a limited amount of people th information/news aggregatorsat can use the service.

2. Many information/news aggregators functions more like social networks, and thereby provide/display information that is popular, gets lots of votes, views etc. Instead of displaying information that fits with the individual users own unique interests.

3. They information they provide is based on sources rather than subjects. So if you follow a RSS feed from a newspaper it will display a lot of irrelevant information because it's not all the subjects the newspaper writes about that you find interesting. Instead the focus should be on display information based on specific subjects that the users says he or she finds interesting

If this is something you find interesting feel free to contact, I'll love to explain my idea further, and I'm really interested in getting feedback.

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