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I am in the process of building a SAAS product for accountants. I got the idea by cold calling and emailing accountants and asking them about their problems. Many explained that they spend a lot of time on email (1h/day) with no accurate way to track it so they guess or don't add it into their time sheet. I told them I would build a product that would accurately track all the time they spend on emails and then email them a report. 

The software is an Outlook plugin that tracks every time an email is opened and for how long (the reading part) and then it tracks when you hit reply and a reply window opens (the response part). You can set the automatic shutoff time if you happen to get distracted and walk away from it. The app then emails you a report every night of the top ten people you emailed and total time sent. It also has a link in the email to the web app where you can see the detailed report off all the emails that you sent and received.

I don't want to work with a paid developer on this. I want cofounder with a serious and vested interest in getting this company started. I would say the product is about 80% built right now so it needs to be finished, get into the hands of the betas and then, after we finish making the necessary changes, launch the crap out of it.

I have a successful ecommerce site so I would mainly handle the sales and marketing but I'm totally open to input and help in all aspects of the business.

My background is in science. I have a MSc. but after exploring a few different career paths I decided that science wasn't for me. While I was finishing school I started a dog walking business and liked the idea of working for myself. I took an online software entrepreneurship course in the fall and that's how I came up with the current idea.

I'm looking for someone who's driven, smart and easy to get along with, like myself.