Laura Ogden

New York, New York, US

Laura's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Laura

I am definitely an idea machine so while this particular spensive what I bring to the table can beexciting and productive it can also get overwhelming very quickly and this was whereas continously lost momentum. I have been developing 2 business models over the past year, both of which involve fashion and both are not mainstream operatoons. I've been little by little working g out pitfalls, etc and I have no doubt that they would pique the I Tereza of an I. Estor that is looking for something off the beaten path, that is clearly responding to specific "problems". of my businesses isa prwtty hea y hoytwr a d aed4ewso socioeconomic/community integrationissues AND IMPROVING THW FSHIN I DUSTTYR environmental FOOTPROBG
if it isn't obvious I'm ready what I'm looking for is someone who is equally in excited as I am but is complimentary tiring in planning and implementing solid plans does that keep the the movement from stalling out of ibdecision. I also want to find someone who is willing to take the responsibilities of compliance and be in the general CYA patrol. I see my own role as creative director and the actual functions wbe orchestrated by me, which is my passion a d my skill set, and it's enough work to actually fill all 25 hours of each day so Hence why cannot continue ant further without a cofounder.