Laurel Lee

San Carlos, California, US

Improve lives by making it easy to find, participate and share what is going on in the community.
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I'm a collaborative, strategic, get-my-hand-dirty kind of player and leader. I have enough experiences running businesses, products, websites and teams, that it feels remiss of me not to put all of this learning and energy towards building something life changing. I only want to work with strong, collaborative, opinionated, kind, curious, humble, people, who share my impatience with ego and indecision. While I am seeking colleagues with different perspectives, skills and opinions than myself, I look forward to sharing a strong desire to work on challenging, interesting, real problems, and being utterly ready to try, fail, learn, change and have fun while doing it.

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November 2016 - Today

Plenty2do is in the development stage of the application. I have performed market research & concept testing of an application to help older adults discover and participate in more stimulating, fun, impactful, life-improving community activities and events. The website is a very early prototype. The version in development will be a mobile-friendly web application (for efficiency) that includes a much more social, gamified community site that solves for event discovery and participation. In every community, there are events, activities and community needs that occur on a daily basis. These range from from hikes, book clubs and classes to theater, volunteer, and neighbor-helping-neighbor opportunities. Each of these items are mostly knowable, but all from completely disparate digital and non-digital sources. will use a combination of automated aggregation via APIs and scraping, crowd-sourcing and community curating to ensure a complete list, from which community members will find, join and enthusiastically share what's going on. After extensive testing with prototypes and analog processes, we've proven that we can impact behavior change in older adults. Specifically, we saw transformations for adults who were doing 'very little' and generally withdrawn, to becoming 'active' and energetic. We've learned that a combination of simple but efficient browsing, clear and useful event information, and friends' and helpful individuals' encouragement, compelled older adults to participate, and in so doing, drastically improved their lives. Plenty2do will facilitate those mechanisms, and quench the surprisingly abundant desire we heard voiced from so many older adults to 'be more social,' 'learn more,' and 'help more,' in their community. The revenue model will rely on the very targeted set of users (personalized by age, interest and location). Conceptually, a combination of gamifying the event finding, sharing and participating, with highly targeted offers and rewards, will create a win-win solution for the users and the consumer product and service providers. At this stage, Google and Facebook are the largest companies offering event aggregation, and there are a multitude of smaller ones. However, none of these are tackling the problem at the local level. Based on my investigation, this problem can only be solved with a community based focus. Plenty2do is not only starting at the community level, but will need to ultimately determine local organizational structures too. The development process for the application, organization and revenue model will be agile based, and wholly iterative in nature. A minimum viable version of Plenty2do is currently under development, from which I intend to hone user acquisition, loyalty, and community curating.

Director of Product Management

Intuit (12 years),, PlantSense, Outright, acquired by GoDaddy, (4 years)

January 1993 - January 2017

After beginning my career in analysis, then marketing, I landed in product management, where I have remained for the past 15 years. I have been the first and/or leading product manager for several products at Intuit, then start ups, then GoDaddy.



BA in English Literature & Sociology

1986 - 1990