New York, New York, US

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About Laurence

I am interested in turnarounds, and I am looking for co-founders who share that same passion. I want to develop a consulting organization using volunteers, with a focus on helping businesses in trouble. My vision is that in time, once we develop the necessary expertise and experience, we will transform the organization into a for- profit business, and eventually add management and investing to our portfilio of services. To make money, to confront challenges, and to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others - these are my objeciives. Initially, I am looking to form a core group of four or five founding partners. I want people who are highly motivated, have an appetite for challenging situations, work smoothly with others, and want to build a high quality, successful organization. At the outset we need partners who have some experience in consulting and in managing businesses. Age and background is not important considerations, as long as you are energized by thought of transforming distressed businesses and excited by the opportunity to build an organization.


Columbia Business School


2002 - 2002