Laurent Martiny

Paris, France

Laurent's Skills
Product Management

About Laurent

HI there, in short i am looking for a tech co-founder for an iPhone/Android app. I guess a bullet-point presentation will make it easier.

Who I am:
- 31 years old, business background (Master), return to Europe after 5 years abroad
- Ideas and ambition to make something BIG
- Full time availability on project
- Business background (Master) and "tech understanding" (functional IT project manager experience)

What I have so far (project stage):
- A vision, an idea addressing a real need on a targeted market
- Application wireframing and app design ready (done by an external agency). Perfect timing to enter in the actual programming phase
- The app content (enough for the MVP)

What I am looking for:
- A talented programmer to materialize my project on the development phase (either a front-end or a back end developer- to be discussed)
- Someone knowledgeable on the internet app eco-system,
- Eager to succeed
- Able to work independently and keep self motivated
- Part time involvement in the project is fine

Why partnering up with me
- "start small, think BIG". I want to make you and I wealthy and fulfilled, and working hard on it
- I understand tech people,
- I believe in sharing ideas, but also have focus and confidence to get things done.
- Easy going personality

Hope this will entice you, please get in touch if you feel that sounds like that would suits you.