Laurie S

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Laurie's Skills

About Laurie

Established marketing professional with expertise in branding, web content management, media strategy, search and social media engagement. I have built thriving social communities from the ground up for large national and global retail brands and am a published blogger and photographer in my spare time. I am building something people need and will love. I have been around the world and talked to thousands of travelers, foodies, bloggers and entrepreneurs, listening to their needs and collecting insights. Recently, I was informed that I have the highest online influence out of anyone in the 200,000+ person company I am currently working for and I am thrilled to use what I have built online to build something great for the world.

Currently, I am seeking a technical co-founder to help me bring my vision to life. If you have experience in social media startups, have great taste, a lust for life and the world around you, and are up for a good challenge, I would love to connect with you!