Lawrence Whiteside

Portland, Oregon, US

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About Lawrence

I am a CTO by nature who loves designing the future of the web and mobile apps. I've been working professionally for 11 years. Most of that has been remotely. My talents and passions also include 3D, VR, and motion capture. Drone mapping & Machine Learning. There's a world of chat bots yet to be invented. In my spare time, I learn, I head to the woods and the rivers and I travel to satisfy my need to film the world's most ridiculous things


Those who blaze a trail, shape the path. - Emerson

Work Experience

Lead Architect


September 2012 - April 2014

CTO and designer of a travel search platform. We got fans to their favorite music and sporting events through big-data map/reducing the best possible ticket and hotel fairs. We partnered with bands and festivals to provide an intuitive way for their out of town customers to get their cheaper.

Lead Architect


September 2010 - March 2012

Developed a MVP with design & sales partners for a web and mobile app that bridged the gap between listeners and radio stations. We became the darling of many top names in the music industry because spamming radio station's twitter and facebook pages actually worked.

Lead Developer

Oktane Micro Media

September 2006 - August 2008

Oktane Micro Media was a digital agency in the heyday of branded content strategies. We were primarily a PHP/Wordpress shop until I steered everyone towards Ruby on Rails. We developed a platform for video content alongside standard blogging identity sites. Along side a group of talented video producers and an old school sales team, Oktane was were I cut my teeth as a programmer and leader.

Senior Software Engineer

Varsity Tutors

March 2015 - Today

As a Senior developer on the Marketing team, I'm push everyday for faster and faster landing pages, more concrete A/B testing and better SEO. As well as doing what I've always done, shepherding Junior developers into the new world of JS frameworks, specifically React and Webpack centered tech.


New York University

Film & Dramatic Writing

1998 - 2002