Lea Yu

San Francisco, California, US

CEO/Co-Founder at Virtue.Us
Lea's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Lea

In both of my last 2 (and only) jobs, I'm really proud to have created and earned a real sense of belonging, vision and value-add in unusual contexts (Chinese corporate culture, with myself as an outsider). I left both of my jobs feeling like my teams were my family, and made sure to leave behind a collection of lessons and advice that I had gained from my time there, as well as a strategic blueprint of how I understood things to work in the firm, and how things can change for the better in the future. I really respect institutional memory and building the right foundation and team culture, regardless of differences.

In my previous position, I bucked business-as-usual and hacked together a database that automated 40% of the work I was doing in market research. As a reporter, I did a number of firsts for the company: first to live-blog Chinese news bilingually, and the first to actively mentor our younger Chinese reporters.

Most importantly, I am proud to be someone that my friends feel comfortable talking to and going to with problems and open-ended questions. I am truly proud to have earned their trust, and to be helpful when I can be.

Work Experience

Data Science Student

Various (Stanford University, UC Berkeley)

June 2014 - December 2016