Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

Kings County, New York, US

Leanne Mai-ly's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Leanne Mai-ly

I've bootstrapped VAUTE over the past 6 years into the leading pioneer in vegan fashion- in 2013 we "broke runway history" CNN as the first all vegan label to officially show at New York Fashion Week, and in 2014 was named "Most Influential Designer" in PETA's first US fashion awards. We focus on innovating the future of fashion- high ethics (earth, animals, workers), high tech (performance fabrics), and high design. We have a 59% gross margin and CAGR of 60%- limited by our cash gaps and long production cycle, both of which I'm working to advance.

I am looking for the right leader to bring on as CFO or COO/Comptroller who is an intuitive leader in finance, operations, and cashflow and product management, while I focus on our growth in product development, marketing, media, and new markets. I'm looking for someone who can strategically bring in sales to cover their salary, though we are currently fundraising on CircleUp. The right hire has a passion for disrupting an industry, growing a company from cult following to mainstream, and a strong company culture of making the world a better place, and possibly experience in domestic manufacturing and the fashion industry.