Leland Tran

Rockville, Maryland, US

Leland's Skills
Product Management

About Leland

I'm currently a senior in college, majoring in Marketing and Information Systems. I go to school full time and working part time at an IT firm as a marketing specialist. I've created a social networking start up and the prototype is being built and should be completed in 10-12 weeks. This website may not be as great as facebook or twitter but I believe it can surpass myspace. I already have investors lined up so I'm not looking for investors but a partner that will stick by my side through thick and thin.

Since my schedule is full, I'm looking for a person that has the same drive as I do. A person that is passionate, detail oriented, intelligent, creative, and loyal. Although I'm mainly looking for a technical person, I'm open to anybody is all fields. I'm available 10 hours a week Friday, Saturday and Sunday.