New York, New York, US

Len's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

About Len

I'm looking for a potential co-founder to help me launch a Big Data idea. It will entail building the MVP.

I have 17 years of well-rounded experience within a Fortune 200 company in diverse strategic roles: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Market Research, CRM, and New Products Development. I also have industry wide contacts to help distribution and acceptance of the idea.

This is an idea that will help small business and the immigrant mom and pops compete and actually have a shot at staying in business against Big Box retail. The monetization model is unique, but well proven.

So I left my cushy comfortable life to "get after it" and I would like to find a developer and engineer that can REALLY grind, but has a sense of humor. I like keeping things fun regardless of the pressure we go through in life.

I've built a legacy at my former employer by building sustainable processes and programs through a simple common sense approach to things. I've had an idea for years that I've finally taken the leap to pursue. If I can make Hundreds of millions of dollars for someone else, I might as well keep an idea for myself.