Leon Rubinstein

Lyon, France

Co-Founder @ Mobiiuz - products that improve people's life
Leon's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
Business Design
UX Design
Voice User Interface Design
User Experience

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Leon

Mobiiuz has developed a game changing product in the wellness & ergonomics space for corporate environment.

I now seek ambitious partners to build world-class business around this and future smart products that improve people's life.

We have a tested & patented technology and prototypes of a physical product. Our beta version was successfully tested by a big high-tech company in San Francisco in fall 2020. We have high interest both from prospect clients and from potential VARs.

My partner is a seasoned ergonomist.
Some of things that I personally bring to the table:
- A track record of selling new business ventures to corporate clients and investors, in different countries.
- Succeeded at bringing people of different cultures (techies, sales, finance etc.) and languages to work for a common goal.
- Others praise me for a unique ability to explain complex solutions in simple terms to uninitiated people.
- Helped clients with out-of-the-box thinking on business models, partnerships and growth.
- Have managed teams in start-up, growth, M&A, funding & liquidation contexts.

As we are aiming for US market (Silicon Valley high-tech corporations, initially) we are looking for an American citizen who:
- is passionate about wellness (at work) and prevention.
- has high moral standards.
- has a getting-things-done / street-smart character.
- has lived through a business birth / growth and can navigate the ambiguity, multi-tasking and continuous adaption.
- strong people skills, a natural team leader.
- a natural organizer, pragmatic data-driven improver.
- preferably, with an experience in the furniture, office design, facilities management or similar market.
- preferably, with a background in one of the following: manufacturing / outsourcing, marketing or sales management.

We're both middle aged white males, and to keep our team more diverse, we'd really welcome someone who's different from us!

If you want to be part of world-changing venture that makes people feel better at work, call me for an introductory virtual coffee chat!


Do what you love, the money will follow. - Marsha Sinetar

Work Experience


Xerox Venture Lab Europe

January 1998 - January 2002

Started corporate incubator and developed several startups. Some failed, some succeeded. Learned a lot.

CEO, acting


April 2010 - March 2011

Sourced, negotiated and managed the integration of this B2B SaaS platform for digital asset management into a group of sofware companies.


TBK Consult

February 2013 - April 2016

Assisting B2B software companies in Europe and the USA to grow internationally through business development strategy and execution services.



September 2017 - Today

Turning scientific invention into business. Bootstrapping for product R&D, prototyping and usability testing. Obtained public grants. Managed suppliers and business partners, found first pilot test users. Currently building US operations and funding.


Israel Institute of Technology-Technion, Israel,

M.Sc. Computer Science

1983 - 1983



1991 - 1991


"Grow to Greatness" Coursera via Univ of MD Darden School of Business

"Design for Business Innovation" Coursera via Univ of MD Darden School of Business


CoFounders Lab Accelerator


Velocity accelerator, Winston-Salem, NC