Leon Scott

Houston, Texas, US

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Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Leon

I'm looking for a programmer who wants to be part of the next big company. I know you(whoever you are) have heard that plenty of times. This is the real deal. This website will act as a bridge between the high school students and any prospective college using the social media wave. This will be the WALMART website in the industry of higher education. That is all I'm willing to give at this point. It is much more in depth than that. I've spoken to a few 'inside' people and they are very excited about my idea. I just need someone to build the website! I'm looking for someone who can deliver the goods and who wants to make history.
In more professional terms.....I'm seeking cutting edge talent to design a collaborative portal for use among client groups. The resulting project must deliver the best in data presentation and intelligence: easy to use, sleek, yet robust in creating interactive communication and connectivity that will drive decision making for individuals and businesses to the next level