Leroy Abrahams

Birmingham, Alabama, US

Leroy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Leroy

My vision is to address food security in low income communities in a manner that is business driven and improves the economic prospects of the target community. Hence, I have come up with a concept called Lett Us, which essentially uses a mobile vendor platform to capitalize on excess inventory in mainstream grocery stores, along with a mixed traditionally supplied grocery items, to bring a healthier array of grocery options to low income families in the Birmingham region. I see this organization employing individuals from the target community to run the operations of this company while senior management mentors them for more professional positions to be occupied as the enterprise expands. My long term vision is to scale this operation such that up to 10% of the market share in low income communities across cities in the southeast have access to healthy food.

The experience, tenacity and skills that I possess make me confident that the aforementioned vision is highly attainable. In college I played leading roles in urban outreach organizations and graduated cum laude with a Batchelor's degree in Biology. Ater college, I worked as a project manager at an automation technology firm managing organization wide internal business initiatives and engineering projects up $2 million in value. Following this, I returned to grad to get a Master's degree in Sustainable Development. While there I led a number of student organizations, while maintaining above a 3.9 GPA. Currently, I have made numerous key connections in the Birmingham community as I spearhead a project establishing an urban farm at a local high school. These experiences, working in both the for profit and private sectors equip me with the hard and soft skills needed to build a organization.

Though, I am cognizant of my capabilities of initiating an organization like this I also realize that I need a partner. This partner must be excellent in marketing, have strong organizational skills and have a knack for logistics. Since the legs of this organization will be in the community it is not completely necessary that the partner be based in Birmingham for the time being.