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About Leroy

Hey! I'm Leroy and I'm the founder of Joyn.

What is Joyn?
Joyn is the new way for developers to find their ideal company by hanging out with the people that built them.

How does Joyn work?
Joyn cuts out recruiters, middle people and boring/long recruitment processes and permits developers to contact companies directly and vice versa, the benefit of Joyn is everything is kept informal. (I would much prefer to explain the company in full detail in conversation, hence withholding some information for now online) :)

My experience?
I've worked in Tech recruitment based at Old Street for 3 years and recruited circa 75 Developers over that time, I've managed teams of 8 recruiters, but after building some great relationships with both clients and candidates, I came to realise the landscape of recruitment is shifting. No longer are agency recruiters needed with their ludicrously high fees and pointless aggressive sales tactics, companies are now turning to internal recruiters and recruitment softwares... Why not put the power back in the hands of the companies and developers and remove the recruiters completely - Hence setting up Joyn.

Plans for Joyn?
I see Joyn making profit from the get go, the business plan is simple and costs are very low... Once we build up a base of paying clients in the next 3 months the aim will be to secure funding of circa £75k at VC level for Q3 2016. I've forecasted budgets for 3 years and the company should be very profitable. This will allow work force to grow to circa 6-8 by the end of year 2.

What I/Joyn needs?
I/Joyn need is a technical and somewhat business savvy co-founder, who believes in the product and is happy to get their hands dirty with code with regards to building the application, I have a designer who has created an awesome UI/UX interface and I currently have a friend who is an awesome developer building the platform but of course that isn't a permanent solution. This is where someone needs to come in and we can share ideas and bounce ideas off one another in return for equity.



BA Architecture

2012 - 2012