Lester Tang

Singapore, Singapore

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Lester

1. For a start i'll talk about myself.

I love being an entrepreneur and hope to found a startup together with driven like-minded individuals. I have tons of ideas but of course running and starting it solo is not an easy task not to mention bootstrapping alone is very taxing.

I learn fast but honestly i'm poor on paperwork. On the other hand i love to be on the ground, hands on, throw me into the burning pits. I strive very well there! Love to tinker with all sorts of tech to see how it can be incorporated into any ideas. Something about me other than startups related? I love photography. Check out my instagram :)

2. Next up, regarding startups
I'm open to all industries mainly because i'm interested in ideas which can disrupt and change things for the better which it can be in many industries.

3. Well now, let me talk about the skillset :D
I have 13 years of experience in IT backend. Simply put i can build a desktop from scratch, setup servers, cluster them together, have them failover, setup firewall, switches, install and configure operating systems, software and configuration. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

Additionally i am good in cyber security. I hack websites, hardened websites and servers teach the government folks how to protect and hack themselves. SQL Injection, Input validation, Username Enumeration, just to name a few. With regards to web and codes, I AM NOT A FULL STACK DEVELOPER but I can understand codes, worked with wordpress, magento, drupal, cpanel, dns, nameservers, apache, mysql etc. I can make modifications to codes but not from scratch.

I just love to learn about other industries. I have amassed 8 years of Real Estate market experience and Strata estate management experience. Talk to me to understand how this came about!

4. An ideal person i am looking for:
- Need not be a coder/developer. We can discuss and work something out. I don't believe every founder or co-founder needs to know how to code, at least one of us can understand codes and the concepts is good enough!
- Driven and committed individual with the belief we can succeed.
- Flexible to individuals working at the moment however able to put in more sweat equity to see the transition to a full scale startup!
- Open to bouncing ideas and discuss argumentatively.
- Knowledge comes with time and opportunity, just require a dash of curiosity and the willingness to learn

5. Afternote
Ping me if you like to network, chill over coffee or bouncing ideas. (even if you don't meet the above)

There are like minded folks that I've met who are awesome and other being very wary, not wanting to share almost anything on the project or idea. Personally i find it hard to discuss or bounce any ideas off. I am open to share ideas or ways on how to improve workflow in projects so hope you do the same for me.

I have this belief that if your idea can be replicated easily then it's not a good idea. So let's network and collaborate with mutual trust :)

Key Focus: Real Estate Industries, Cybersecurity Industries.
(Open to other industries as well)


Do not be afraid of sharing ideas, if it can be replicated then it's not a good idea. - Lester Tang


University College Dublin

BSc (Hons) Information Management

2014 - 2014