Lincoln W Daniel

San Francisco, California, US

Software Engineer, writer, editor. I am looking for a partner to build out my vision.
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Product Management

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First time founder

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About Lincoln W

I have a passion for building software to enable people. I am a full stack software engineer who puts a large focus on the goals of the user when designing software. Lincoln has worked at companies big and small. Receiving internship offers from companies like NASA JPL, he has worked at IBM and is currently an engineer at

Along with engineering, I am an avid writer and enjoys designing. During his winter break of Junior year at university, I wrote a book, Java for Humans, to teach beginners the basics of Java in a more enjoyable and human relatable manner. Java for Humans is being read and leveraged by thousands of beginners across the country to get started with the most widely deployed language.

On the topic of writing, I run the largest publication on Medium for articles on topics related to business marketing and growth hacking: Marketing & Growth Hacking. Request to contribute through

After all is said and done, Lincoln hopes to have developed software to enable people to accomplish their goals more efficiently.


What I want to do with my life is simple: help others do with their lives as they please, as efficiently as they need. - Me


SUNY Oswego

Bachelors in Computer Science

2013 - 2017