Linsly Donnelly

San Francisco, California, US

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Founded 2+ startups

About Linsly

As parents: It’s time to shift our digital media & technology philosophy from “filter” to “firehose”. SmartFeed aims to give parents an easy, convenient tool to simply outshout the disappointing stuff, by filling the pipes with credible, compelling good stuff.
• Are you ready to put your deep technical skill set to work solving a “world-changing” problem while building a scaled, for-profit business?
• Do time and money investments in profit-for-purpose resonate?
• Do you see a growing need for parents to take back their share of voice with their kids?
• Specifically: Are you up for building a digital media management tool to help parents easily:
1. Curate digital media (apps, TV shows, movies, books, games, music) by child (open system)
2. Deliver the content real-time across platforms / devices / subscriptions
3. Manage kids’ usage and connect to what they’re consuming
4. Connect to other parents reviews and media parenting experiences
The Immediate Work:
• Scoping and leading the build of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The tech requirements doc is available as needed
• In the four product levers above, this MVP addresses 1. CURATION, 3. MANAGE via user reporting around content “engaged with” and family packets usage, 4. COMMUNITY INFLUENCING. It does address 2. DELIVER
• Specific work product
o Database repository architecture, build and admin
o Human Curation admin support to overlay the AI DataBase
o Frond End Web UX/UI for parents
o User ratings and review capabalities
o Business reporting to track usage and measure engagement
You’re a fit if the following skills and business phase resonate:

• Big Data Aggregation and Architecture
• Responsive Web Code Base
• Mobile with a starting point on iOS App expansion
• Product UX / UI
• Early Stage Start-up pre-seed funding.


• Database Design/Architect/Admin
• Developer: node.js, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, APIs, AJAX, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails
• Collaborative filtering and CMS platforms, flows
• Mobile app iOS development
• Be familiar with Lean Methodology


Washington and Lee University

Masters Honors BA

1991 - 1991

University of Texas

MBA Honors

1995 - 1995