Lior Gavra

New York, New York, US

Lior's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Lior

I have been a part of a successful startup from start to acquisition, and had some success in another startup. Being a part of the industry for the last five years, started on the business/marketing/managing side and learning the programming side. Currently program for Android and make use of NodeJs, Mongo for the backend along with many other tools, know Javascript, different frameworks for web development as well. Use Scrum/Agile methodologies and have strong product management skills. I am working on a new idea, and putting together a team, I am looking in particular for an iPhone Dev, and open to Designers, Back-End Devs and Android Devs. I plan on working on the Android/Back end, managing all business aspects, marketing, and product management. Have some designers, marketers lined up and just now searching mainly for developers. Will be open to anyone that can help. Shoot me an email on my website