LJ Sano

Fukuoka, Japan

Founder & CEO, A visionary with an exosphere agenda seeking compatible partners.
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About LJ

My name is LJ Sano,

I was born in New York and raised in several states and countries.
I'm now living in Fukuoka, Japan and travel throughout Asia somewhat frequently.

My career background is radio producing, film acting, former pro athlete, sales, web and mobile app developer.

My ultimate goal is to strengthen and invest into existing and new startups that enhance multi-planetary species [Eg: John Blincow, Elon Musk, etc.]

I also want to create many other things related to my career achievements. As you get to know me I will disclose more.

In order to position me to be able to execute this. I created a company called Hai Navi Group back in January 2018 and teamed up with 3 other leaders respectively. At the moment we specialise in Digital Menus, Signages and other related services to generate funding. We do plan on expanding into new products and services in the near future as we bring on new professional leaders to our team.

I'm Highly Ambitious. Innovative. Good listener. Humble. Trustworthy. Rational. Team & Service Oriented. Laser-Focused. Global Thinker. Progressive. OBSESSED! ENTREPRENEUR!

If you are the same, please contact me. Let's work together on all of our goals to achieve massive success under a group economics and politics business model.

We are seeking partnership with entrepreneurs with strong sales experience for our Startup in Fukuoka and Hong Kong. In most startups, there is no pay and many executives balance working fulltime jobs in the process. Here at Hai Navi Group. We are offering a 20% commission only per every sales client that purchases our recurring monthly services. You have the potential to earn up to 240,000 yen per month [$16,950 hkd] when we reach our sales goals by working part-time hours.  More importantly, you will be a Business Development Director for your region. And you do not have to quit your day job [NOT YET!]. This is going well beyond Japan. as we currently now have a small team in Eastern Europe developing additional spectrums of our business agenda.

Our Startup full round funding goal is $US1.6 million. This covers our first 2 years of operations with attractive paid salaries for our entire staff. We are projected in April 2020 to reach about an estimated $US384,000+. This, of course, helps us upgrade our multiplatform systems in order to generate more funding under our current business model. The quicker we reach our sales goals, the faster we upgrade in order to reach our full funding goal.

Duties include the following:
- English to Japanese/Chinese translations [vice versa] for business meetings with new clients for their menu translations.
- 3-way interpretation or one on one sales pitching to new clients to purchase our services. [free training provided on products]

- Our company provided email address [your name @hainavi.com]
- Professional business cards provided by Hai Navi
- Positioned to make an attractive salary + financial bonuses + medical/travel benefits after full round funding raised

-Must be business bilingual in Japanese/Cantonese/Mandarin and English verbally. [JP/EN or CN/EN is ok!]​

- Must sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect our brand and you.
- Must see short and long term visions, be passionate and want to earn BILLIONS
- Be a self-starter
- Self-disciplined
- Reliable
- Integrity
- Flexible [we will work around your full-time job]
- Critical thinker
- Attention to detail
- Aggressive but professional [understanding Japanese/Chinese business ethics and closing deals with precision]
- Add value to our brand. [always looking for new ideas]
- And have fun! [We are a great group to work with]



Work Experience

Founder and CEO

Hai Navi Group Co Ltd.

January 2018 - Today

We are a group of professionals from different backgrounds, with exosphere agendas. Coming together to provide pioneering business solutions for economic demands.  Here are the following current services we provide: - Business Consulting - Digital Menus & Signages - Wireless Chargers - Digital Campaign Marketing - Travel Sweepstake Promotions




1992 - 1993

Always Learning @ Cardone University / Sam Ovens / Brian Rose

Unconventional Business Learning

2008 - 2018


Irie Pacific Radio Show on ESPN Radio [Reference]

Sheldon Nagata

Royal Jamz Radio Show

Synapse/Love FM

Co-working Space

Hai Navi Group Co. Ltd.

2018 - Today