Lo Holloway

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Lo's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Lo

Hello! My name is Lo and I'm excited to connect with some like-minded people!

First of all, I am an idea person. I love coming up with and processing new ideas. I tend to take an organizer role in a group setting. I currently have an idea for a startup that I am very enthusiastic about. My role right now is to process the details of the idea; for example, the way it functions. I love working on marketing ideas to really generate some buzz about the startup.

I am looking for a couple of people to create a team with me. I definitely want a couple of enthusiastic developers on the team, as well as a numbers (finance) teammate.

Most importantly, I am looking for people who will be down for the cause. We are in this together. One team. One goal. One startup. :-)