Logan Kleier

Portland, Oregon, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Logan

I love to help enterprises make better decisions with data. I believe want to make better decisions about their information assets and software, but they can't because they don't have the right data to make the right decisions.

I'm building a desktop analytics platform to help them make better decisions about software they need and don't need. In particular, I'm focused on building an analytics platform to analyze Microsoft Office 365 deployments. This platform is designed to help enterprises profile their user base and right size their Office 365 deployment by enabling them to correctly choose whether between Office web aps or the full Office client for every user in the enterprise (again it's about getting the right data to make the right decisions).

No tool currently exists to provide this data and a tool like this enables enterprises to cut their annual Office 365 costs by 10% and one-time deployment costs by another 10%. Given a 2013 Computing magazine study on Office 365 deployment trends over the next three years, this analytics tool can save approximately $300 million in annual savings and another $100 million in deployment costs.

I'm looking for someone to join me in implementing my vision in the desktop analytics space. I have the product vision and have done the market research and validation. I'd like to partner with someone who wants to help further shape the technical vision and shepherd the implementation of this platform. There are three main components to this work: the client side data collection agent, the communications agent that exports the data to the cloud, and the cloud database and analytics engine. I've written the functional specs for the data collection agent and would love to work with a person that understands and wants to implement the totality of the vision and the component parts that make this vision a reality..

This vision is not a solution in search of a problem. it is a problem with a known solution. There are a variety of other desktop analytic problems that this platform can answer, Office 365 is just the beginning.


Georgetown University

MPP, Ph.D.

1997 - 1997