Lokesh D Nagaprashantha MBBS PhD

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Lokesh's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Lokesh

About MedLattice Inc:
One platform for the diverse needs of patients, doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical industry with user friendly and customizable interface.

MedLattice is looking for driven and dedicated candidates with strong academic background and experience in one or more of the following key areas: High traffic social networking and e-commerce websites design, coding, launching and maintenance.

Desired Qualifications:
Looking for a professional with MS/PhD (computer science/related) and/MBA academic background who has experience in web design, coding and e-commerce platforms.
Proven experience in high traffic social medial network design and e-commerce websites. Experience in health related website and e-commerce activities is a plus.
Driven by a sense of justice, impacting social health and commitment for value creation.
Responsible for web design, coding, launch and maintenance of website through proof-of-concept metrics evaluation and further development in consultation with the founder and co-founders.
Proven ability to guide team members/interns in executing web site launch and maintenance activities.
Authoring technical portions of applications for startup accelerators, realization of time dependent goals, focus on fundraising and networking with investors.
Willingness to relocate to San Francisco/Los Angeles/Austin healthcare startup accelerators.

The positions being considered are equity only based
Co-founder (5-8% equity with standard 4 year vest and 1 year cliff): Co-founder: Social networking division, Co-founder: e-commerce division,
Interns (0.25-1.5% equity, 2 year vest, 1 year cliff).

The salaries will be fixed following the completion of financial agreements after coming out of startup accelerator.


City of Hope

Postdoctoral Fellow

2013 - 2013

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India

MBBS-Medical Doctor

2004 - 2004

UNT Health Sciences Center, Fort Worth, TX

PhD-Cancer, Distinction

2011 - 2011


Univerisity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-Business Certificate