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Lokesh Jaiswal

Programmer, Designer, Product Manager

Delhi, , India


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Lokesh

Lokesh is a graduate in Computer Science from Delhi College of Engineering, with 9 yrs of technical experience into startups, mobile apps, cloud computing, mobile games and simulations. He loves building products from scratch which are addictive and make the lives of people easier.

Here on cofounderslab, he's looking for a co-founder who could lead his product startup 's business front.

The road-map for the company is drafted and its product's prototype has been built and will soon be out with alpha.

If you think you're the one who has all it takes to get to the mark of having the product pushed to 20 million consumers nationwide and 200 million consumers worldwide and ready for this difficult & challenging journey with all the passion and courage without ever givingup then get in touch.

Skype me at lokesh.jaiswal or message me & things go on from there.

Managing People
Product Management

Delhi College of Engineering

B.E Computer Science

2006 - 2006


Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part I from Stanford University through Coursera